Replica Watches as a wearable luxury in modern society

With the revival of replica watch culture, watches, as a wearable luxury in modern society, pay more and more attention to brand selection and brand positioning. Rolex is a relatively well-known watch brand, but many people think that replica Rolex is just a brand positioned as a tool watch, not a top-level replica watches uk. Of course, there is still a big gap between Rolex and replica Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and other top brands. However, people often compare Blancpain, which is known as the "conscience of heaven and earth," with Rolex. So, are Rolex and Blancpain watches of the same level?

But many people like to compare Blancpain's BATHYSCAPHE series with the replica Rolex Submariner. In my opinion, the BATHYSCAPHE series, which has lost the sapphire ring and used ceramic rings and liquid metal scales, should not be divided into the Fifty Fathoms series in theory, at most It is a reduced version of Fifty Fathoms.

As an entry-level model of Blancpain, Blancpain's brand positioning is higher than that of Rolex, but there are only a handful of really popular styles. And sales are flat. The price of the BATHYSCAPHE series is more than 70,000, no doubt to compete with the Rolex Submariner in the diving watch market. If the replica Rolex Submariner did not increase the fare, I think no one would choose Bathyscape.

In recent years, many replica watches friends have tangled between Blancpain and Rolex, mainly referring to Blancpainí»s Fifty Fathoms. Frankly speaking, the Rolex Submariner is indeed a bit bad and the price increase is too high, so many people will choose BATHYSCAPHE. But in fact, BATHYSCAPHE feels relatively weak.

In addition to the Fifty Fathoms series, another popular style of Blancpain is the classic series. Although the positioning is relatively high, the image in the eyes of watch friends is getting more and more blurred, because the innovation ability has been stagnant and the product is too single. Many people in other series don't even know.

The Rolex series is rich in styles. Almost all the replica watches in the series are very popular and best-selling. It is precisely because they are so popular that many popular styles have very exaggerated premiums. Many styles actually get a price far more than Blancpain's higher positioning. It is no wonder that many workers even feel that the Rolex they wear has surpassed Blancpain's brand positioning. In addition to its disgusting marketing methods, Rolex also seems to have the strength to compare with Blancpain.